In a recent development, the defunct crypto lender, Celsius Network, has filed a request for court approval. Their aim is to convert all altcoin holdings to Bitcoin and Ethereum. This move is part of the updated reorganization plan filed on June 14 in the Southern District Court of New York, where Celsius is undergoing bankruptcy proceedings.

Maximizing Value through Altcoin Conversion

Celsius Network plans to initiate the conversion of altcoins, not designated for Withhold or Custody accounts, starting from July 1. However, this will happen only if the bankruptcy court approves the plan. The company’s objective is to maximize the value of these altcoins. According to the filing, Celsius will make “commercially reasonable efforts” during the conversion process.


Objections and Upcoming Hearing

Opposing parties must submit written objections to the court electronically. These objections will be taken into consideration during the hearing scheduled for June 28. To have their claims assessed by the court, opposing parties need to submit their objections by June 26 and attend the hearing.

The proposed plan has already received approval from the Celsius Network Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors.


Concerns of Borrowers

However, borrowers who have collateral locked up in the defunct firm are expressing concerns about potential losses due to the new plan. The plan includes a provision called “Set off,” which allows Celsius to negate the collateral owed to borrowers.

David Adler, a partner at McCarter & English, LLP, representing a group of Celsius borrowers, opposes the plan. Adler believes the plan violates consumer lending laws and intends to challenge it in court on behalf of his clients.

Adler also questions the extension of exclusivity requested by Celsius, highlighting the lack of communication from the Debtors to the Borrower Group for the past six to seven weeks, resulting in a state of “total radio silence.”

In conclusion, Celsius Network’s request for court approval to convert altcoins to Bitcoin and Ethereum has garnered attention and raised concerns among borrowers. The outcome of the hearing on June 28 will determine the fate of Celsius Network’s reorganization plan and its impact on the cryptocurrency industry.



1. What is Celsius Network?

Celsius Network is a defunct crypto lender that previously offered lending and borrowing services in the cryptocurrency space.

2. Why does Celsius Network want to convert altcoins to Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Celsius Network aims to convert altcoins to Bitcoin and Ethereum to maximize their value during the bankruptcy proceedings.

3. When will Celsius Network begin the conversion process?

If the plan is approved by the court, Celsius Network will start converting altcoins on July 1.

4. What is the “Set off” treatment mentioned in the article?

The “Set off” treatment allows Celsius Network to negate the collateral owed to borrowers, potentially leading to losses for the borrowers.

5. What objections can be raised against Celsius Network reorganization plan?

Opposing parties can raise objections regarding the conversion of altcoins, the “Set off” treatment, and any potential violations of consumer lending laws.


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